Particle Effects Stuttering Issue

So I’m not sure if this issue is really solvable, as it might just be a result of hardware, but i’m hoping there’s something I just don’t know.

Problem: I’m trying to download 48 pictures, in the background, while a ‘loading’ particle effect plays on screen until they are all downloaded. However the particle effect stutters while the pictures are downloading. So far allowing only 1 active download at a time is the only thing to reduce the stuttering, but its still noticeable.

Goal: I want to have the particle effect play smoothly even while the pictures are downloading.

The pictures are downloaded through an individual coroutine call for each, with the downloads themselves being managed through a Queue. If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

What are you using to download the pictures? A coroutine runs on the main thread so is likely to cause the stuttering. Try to push the work off the main thread. Use the profiler to see what is causing the spikes.