Particle Emitter Deprecated

I have an old project which contains ParticleEmitter implemented.

    public ParticleEmitter Spawn(ParticleEmitter prefab,
                                     Vector3 pos, Quaternion rot)
            // Instance using the standard method before doing particle stuff
            Transform inst = this.Spawn(prefab.transform, pos, rot);

            // Can happen if limit was used
            if (inst == null) return null;

            // Make sure autodestrouct is OFF as it will cause null references
            var animator = inst.GetComponent<ParticleAnimator>();
            if (animator != null) animator.autodestruct = false;

            // Get the emitter
            var emitter = inst.GetComponent<ParticleEmitter>();
            emitter.emit = true;


            return emitter;

So what I require to change to make this work?

Those components are now accessed with modules. From the .emission docs

ParticleSystem ps = GetComponent<ParticleSystem>();

var em = ps.emission;
em.enabled = true;