Particle emitter emits particle too fast when moving fast.

There is a particle emitter attached to a car, when the car moves fast, the particles of the emitter are not visible because it of the car speed. I suspect if the speed of the parent rigidbody (Car body) (as a external force for the emitter’s rigidbody) cause this problem? How is possible to reduce the child speed (by 1/10th for example)

More details are here:

Thanks in advance.

To all people who have such problem, I’ve fixed it by using rigidbody2D and 2D colliders.
However you should not rotate the colliders, you can do this by using a Render Texture and projecting it on the windshield (or whatever 3D object).

You can put the Parent’s speed on a variable and call the variable of the parent from the child and divided by 10.