Particle Emitter exists, but my script can't find it

This function is supposed to find the emitter that the object has, but it never gets into the if. (It’s the code from the fps tutorial) I don’t get why it doesn’t exist.

function Kill ()
// Stop emitting particles in any children
	var emitter : ParticleEmitter = GetComponentInChildren(ParticleEmitter);
	if (emitter)
		emitter.emit = false;

I’ve seen this type of thing, I think it’s a bug. Try splitting it:

var emitter : ParticleEmitter;
emitter = GetComponentInChildren(ParticleEmitter);

I’ve had similar issues before, now I don’t trust the GetComponentsInChildren anymore. IIRC, I’ve got the generic version to work more often than the normal method. I wouldn’t swear it but you give it a try tell us, heh.

GetComponentInChildren.<ParticleEmitter>(); //JS syntax requires a dot
GetComponentInChildren<ParticleEmitter>(); //C# doesn't