Particle Emitter follow certain part of Prefab,Particle Emitter Follow Certain Part of Prefab ?

Let say i have Humanoid Prefab it has hands and foots, this prefab is animated through Animation Control, I want a particle emitter to follow where ever it’s hand goes , only follow hand not entire prefab, i’m noob here and thanks for your help,Let say I have humanoid Prefab, i control the animation of this said prefab with AnimationControl in order to make this animation controllable. this prefab has hands animated and i want a particle emitter follow its hand where ever the hand goes. but just exactly only follow Hand and not entire Prefab. thanks

Can you place the particle object as a child of the hand?

i created my character with MAX, this prefab has hand foot body and head a whole as one object and then use BIPED as a bone, so i don’t know if particle emitter can be placed as hand child and not entire character child instead. can you show me with youtube ? , sorry noob can’t understand a line of explanation, thanks btw