Particle emitter to emit onto different mesh(position)

I dynamically clone a lot of Mesh Partical Emitter gameobjects, layouting them to specific positions (in the top of quads as the first picture shows.) at runtime. However I have to destroy them when each emitter object’s duration is over. Is there a way to accomplish this without instantiating and destroying them so frequently ?

The process is like this :

  1. in my scene, put a sphere added a mesh particle emitter as my clone base
  2. disable its emitter on Start() in the script
  3. clone and enable emitter(the new one) on demand

thanks ~


Either use .SetActive(true/false).

Or use any of the particle system function ParticleSystem (Shuriken).

If you are using legacy, see this ParticleEmitter.

All the functions will be used to turn the particles on and off.

If you wish to really destroy them, there is no other way then to use instantiating and destroying.