particle emmiter coming out in bursts

Hi, so im trying to create a snowfall effect with the particle emmiter, and i have it to where it emits particles all over the map, accept 1 problem. problem being whenever i go into play mode, the snowfall starts, but after about 5 or 10 seconds, it stops, then starts again in about 3 seconds. i double checked to make sure emit once was not checked. so how can i make it put out a continual stream of particles?

(i know this post can sound kind of perverted if you read it the wrong way so please take it for its literal meaning lol XD)

For a start, I’d suggest you create a localized particle emitter, and attach it to the camera making sure that ‘simulate in local space’ flag is checked, so that you save on resources.

Your problem might be a ‘simple’ wrong setting of ‘force’. circular, random force might be creating a cyclic curve that makes snow rotate backwards, and thus give the impression that it has stopped falling.

In this case, there’s nothing else to do than to go backwards with the settings. I normally start with a straight, constant world force emitter, and go on from that.

You should raise the “Max Particles” setting. I guess 1000 are not enough :slight_smile: