particle gun fire ??

He i have a gun firing. But when i fire i see the particle that i have for simulating the Gunfire when i push fire1 That works. I Have also scripts on the Particle to destrot them after 0.01 sec that works. But when im turn the player i see everyting working accept for when im turn the Player. the Particle move with the gun Becouse they are Parrented to the gun. But thay stay at the point i fired for 1 sec i think. I want them to stay at the spawning point. When i fire and go with the gun. As in a Real FPS Game.

I dont know if you know what i mean but let me explan it Otherwize. Lets say if you have a smoke partyle emitor and you move the emmitor. the smoke moves. But you see the top of the smoke moving later aftel i think 2 sec`s.

That also hapans with my gun Fire. I want it to fire and stay at the Spawnpoint at the Front of my gun.

Tanks hoope u can help me!. :D

I think you can set it to apply in local space, instead of global. And why do you have a script that destroys your particles? Couldn't you just set its energy to 0.01?