Particle Hearts for Valentines Day

I want to change the particle system to emit heart shapes. What is the best way to change the particles? I'm guessing it has something to do with the particle renderer's material setting which I have no idea what to do with. Also, if I change this material, is it possible to keep the color setting in Particle Animator working correctly?

I figured it out pretty quick while reading the Unity Manuals Sorry for answering my own question.

Heres how to do it

To create the particle shape

  • Open your image editing program. (photoshop/gimp/MSpaint)
  • Set the size to something small (I used 64x64)
  • fill the background with black
  • use white to create a shape which fills the entire area (I created a heart)
  • Save the image and place it in your Unity assets folder

To create the material in unity

  • In the project panel click Create/Material
  • Rename and select your new material.
  • In the Inspector view, change the shader to one of the particle shaders
  • Change the texture to the one you created

In the particle system

  • With you particle system selected go to Particle Renderer in the Inspector
  • Change the material to the new one you just created.