Particle lifecycle events OR subemitter emission location


I’m using ParticleSystems for my weapons. Bullets work, missiles work, lasers, etc, but my grenades though… are hacky. Why?

I want grenades to do area-of-effect damage. Basically, you shoot, it emits a grenade particle (or several if you click more than once), the grenade bounces around, and after 5 seconds, explodes. The explosion is a subemitter triggered by the particle death event.

My question is: how do I figure out which damagable stuff is in the blast radius? I would like to have the position of the grenade particle’s death, OR the position of the explosion subemitter’s birth (they should be the same), and I can just overlapSphere, but I can’t seem to find an easy way to do this.

Just to head-off this suggestion: I do not want to use shrapnel because I want the damage to be non-random. (Also, I am concerned about the computational expense of lots of shrapnel particles if many explosions are happening at once.)


I will fix this for you.