Particle Lighting (From Emitter)

Hey fellas, did some pretty thorough searches and have concluded that I’m missing something simple. I have smoke being emitted from cannons on a train at night, and I want it to respond to light. I tried setting the shader for the particle to just about every shader in existence, to no avail!

Screenshot: view from behind the train, which is firing at a target in the distance. The smoke in the dark is just as visible as the smoke in the light.

I think I may have to tweak something in the particle renderer. Here’s what it’s set as (I’m still learning how to use particle systems! Bear with me. :] I’m assuming I need to mess with the ‘light probes’?)

I also have a hunch this has something to do with the ‘emissive’ color…

Thanks as always! Love you guys. :]

If anyone else is having trouble with this, I’ve solved the problem. (May not be the ‘best’ solution but it works.) Set the shader for your particles to “Particles/VertexLit Blended” and set the ‘Emissive Color’ to black with no alpha (0 on all sliders.)

Control the color of the particle using the animator.