Particle Lights Problem

Hey there,

I was hoping someone knew what was going on or what I’ve been doing wrong. I’ve been trying to make some torch lights for my scene, added some point lights as children and then dragged them to the respective property in the particle system.

But for some reason, the lights look like they’re cycling between the duplicated objects instead of all running at once.

Anone know what I did? haha

First off, you can/should deactivate the source point light object once you mount it to the Particle Lights module. Second, it is preferable to create a second particle emitter to enable the Lights module with smaller but stable particle emission than the one which emits loads of fiery particles, this way you can better control how the light to be spawned. Generally speaking, you should avoid more than 3 lights spawned from the particle Lights module of 1 single particle system which can cause glitchy light projection quickly.