Particle mesh reference lost on Play

I have various particle system prefabs with the renderer set to a low poly sphere mesh.
Every time I run in the editor these references are lost.
Sometimes the references are also lost from the prefab from which they are instantiated!

If I build and run to a tablet before playing in the editor then it works fine on the tablet.

Any ideas anyone?

Unity 2018.2.5f1 personal

Sounds like you are assigning non persistent references. Are you assigning a mesh asset or one created/instantiated in a script?

An asset mesh from fbx file.

I’m having the same issue in Unity 2018.2.8f1.
Does anyone know of a solution other than changing the mesh?
I’m assigning a mesh asset and instantiating the the particle system in an object pool.
I’ve tried reassigning the missing asset through code, and I can see it has been assigned but it is still not visible in the editor at play.
If I however pause the editor and reassign it manually (drag and drop), it suddenly works.
Any ideas how to solve this?
Updating my Unity version is not an option unfortunately (I understand this is an issue that has been fixed in later versions).,Hi!
I’m having the same problem in Unity 2018.2.8f1.
Is there any other solution to this than to change mesh?
I’m assigning a mesh asset… but have also tried re-assigning the lost asset through code, only that doesn’t work either. If I however pause the editor and assign the asset again by dragging it in place, it suddenly works :confused: