Particle size ridiculasly big when I change aspect ratio

I want the particle size to stay proportional while playing my game but 10:16 landscape makes my particles looks ridiculously bigger than when in 16:10 Portrait. Does anyone understand the particle system well enough to explain how I fix this?

Are you using 1 camera or many ?
Orthographic or Perspective camera ?
Are you changing any camera settings or do you have any additional logic that you execute to make the rest of the graphics look right when switching from/to landscape ?

My first guess would’ve been it’s because how camera frustum changes based on aspect ratio** but that should cause exactly the opposite of what you are describing (smaller particles in landscape), unless you’re adjusting the other graphics to remedy this and it causes particles to get relatively bigger.

**(an object set to match screen height in size, matches screen height in both landscape and portrait, so if it’s e.g. a rectangle shape, it won’t fit in the view width-wise in portrait mode)

@NoseKills None of that bro. That’s what’s so weird. I need to size of the particles to look decent on a portrait. so I set the particle size while in portrait mode. But when I set it to landscape the particles become like 5 times the size. It’s frustrating me.

edit* and my camera is in perspective mode