Particle sub-emitter only works on preview

I’m trying to simulate a snow effect with the shuriken particle system. When a collision is detected I have a sub-emitter to show the desintegration of the ball on the ground. However this is only working on preview mode, when I hit play the sub-emitter is not getting launched.
Any idea?

The problem is that the sub-emitter “max particles” variable acts differently between the Editor and Standalone. I suspect that in the editor, ‘max particles’ affects each sub-emitter individually, but then in the standalone, it limits the total number of particles for all of the sub-emitters in the effect.

Try adding a few zeroes to the Max Particles value for the particle system assigned as your sub-emitter.

Subemitters are bugged- sometimes they do work, sometimes they don’t. You need to recreate this effect.


I also has same issue, it’s only works in editor when preview with simulate button. but it’s not works when at run time usign Play Method / Simulate method.