Particle System and Fixed Timestep

When project transfer from Unity 5.3.4f1 to 5.5.2f1, have a problem with the Particle System. The object have Rigidbody and Particle System with Emission Rate over Distance. Previously, when flying, the tail was drawn with a continuous line, and now interrupted. The thing is that in Unity 5.3 the Particle System drew a continuous line between two moments of the Fixed Timestep calculation, but now it does not. This effect remains even if set the Fixed Timestep value to 0.001. Is it possible to get the old behavior of a particle system?[89492-безымянныи.jpg|89492]

The process of evenly readjusting the position of each object on a trail is called “interpolation”. In the Rigidbody component, there is an option of “Interpolate”. Choosing “interpolate” or “extrapolate” will give you an even particle trail again.