Particle System Attached to Prefab

Hi all,

I have created a Bomb Prefab out of a Game Object. In the Heirarchy, the bomb has a particle system child so that the smoke is coming off of the fuse and is positioned correctly, etc. However, when I drag the bomb to become a prefab in my Project view, the particle system is no longer attached.

I do see that I can create a particle system as a component of the prefab from scratch again, but the problem with this is the emitter shape cannot be tweaked to be where I need it to be in local space, the only options are base or volume.

Does anyone know the best way to attach a particle system to a prefab the way I am describing?

Much appreciated!

You need to “Apply” the prefab. Any change done in the heirarchy is not automatically applied to the saved prefab. You need to do that yourself