Particle system black startColor


I have a smoke particle system for an exhaust. If the engine is running faster, I want the smoke to be more dark.

When I want to change my particle’s color to black it becomes transparent instead.

smoke.startColor = new Color(0.1f, 0.1f, 0.1f, 1f);

Here’s my result66991-nevtelen.png

I use the Particles/Additive (Soft) shader.

This is the texture I use for my particle system:

Use a different shader, like Particles/Alpha Blended.

The Additive Shader, like the name suggests, adds color values together. This doesn’t work particularly well with near-black color values (as they are hardly visible to begin with, and will still converge to white if there are enough particles)., Making a subtractive shader is technically a bit harder, so hopefully you can get away with simple alpha blending.

that helped, but I had to use different image width alpha in the background instead of black.