Particle System - Confusion - Not showing

Hey Everyone,

So I have a serious problem with not being able to understand particle systems. There has to be something i’m missing, I’m hoping you can help me out.

So I have a button that is on the highest (frontmost) sorting layer. I’ve attached a Particle System to this button, and im wanting to get a glow effect. The problem I’m having is I’m not seeing the particle system when my game is playing. I see it when the object is selected in my scene view but not when playing my game.

In scene view the particles are rendering behind everything. I’m assuming this was resolved from my searching by applying the sorting layer to the particle.

	void Awake ()
		AOEButton = GameObject.Find ("AOE Weapon");
		AOEButton.particleSystem.renderer.sortingLayerName = "Menu";
		Debug.Log (AOEButton.renderer.sortingLayerName);
		AOEButton.particleSystem.renderer.sortingOrder = 4;

This awake code is in the script that is attached to the object that i’ve put the Particle System on.

My question:

Is there something i’m not doing with the particle system to see it? Do I have to apply a texture to it or a sprite or something? Should the particle system show with the regular white blobs as it does in scene view? Do I need to enable the particle system through code or something?

Any help is appreciated, sorry for the noob question.

Double check your particle system for a few settings.

Try stopping it, and then playing it in the editor view to make sure it appears right. To play all the time, it must have Looping checked. Make sure you don’t have a script destroying it at runtime. Double-check the sort mode/sorting fudge in the particle system’s editor. Double-check sorting in Edit->Project Settings->Tags and Layers. If you have a custom material, try the Default-Particle material.