Particle System Draw Calls

I have some paricle effects when hero attacks, casts abilities, etc… All my textures are separeted(not atlas) and I use a lot of materials.
I saw a video Unity3D - 1 DrawCalls Particle System - YouTube where someone moved all textures into atlas, but particles use different materials and shaders. Could it really help, or I just need try to use one or two shaders for all my particle effects, move their textures into atlas and make 1-2 mat from them? Will it help?

So the question is how can I decrease amount of draw calls from my particle systems?
Thanks for any tips!

@ZorDKinG Basically, the idea of making texture atlases is to save drawcalls. Correct practice would be to make one atlas for one shader (if it fits). For eg, if a lot of objects in my scene use the mobile->diffuse shader, I’ll just put all of the textures for those objects into one atlas and the shader for that material would be mobile->diffuse. But for particles, usually you need to make different materials for different particle systems because they don’t UV map like models and will take the entire texture atlas as a single particle, which you obviously don’t want. Try using mobile versions of the shader for particles, for eg if you’re using Alpha Blended, try mobile-> Alpha Blended. Also, one material is going to cause one drawcall, so if you want to optimize particle systems, use large sized particles and/or reduce the number of particles on screen. And try not using 2 particle systems at the same time.