Particle system draw order with two particle systems

I have two particle systems (A and B) and I need to have them drawn sorted by distance. I have sort by distance enabled under the particle system’s renderer tab. However, Unity will always draw particle system A before B or B before A. But I need the particles to be sorted.

This gif is not mine but it illustrates the problem well:
You may need to click the link to see it play:

Either the black smoke is in front of all the dust or the black smoke is behind all the dust. But both are incorrect, the black smoke should be in middle of the dust, sorted by distance.

I would appreciate any help.

It seems both A and B PSs share the same emitter position. Unfortunately Unity cannot handle precise transparency sorting of such close distance. I guess you want the whole smoke effect appears bright on one side and dark another side, this should only be done via shader instead of overlapping 2 PSs. Asset store has many smoke shaders providing volumetric effect, I have one similar shared on the forum which simply rotates the gradient map according to the rotation of primary directional light.