Particle system in enumerators

I am trying to play a particle system in an enumerator … I tried both using method and enabling the game object to no avail

What happens is the enumerator is carried out and then the particle system finally plays

I tried prewarm and made sure that there is no delay start…also when I disable it and enable it when the game is played manually through the editor…it is instant…it appears only when run in this enumerator…the enumerator plays other stuff inside right away and without issue…I have some animations and stuff inside it… Even when I put it before the animation though it still waits till the end of it all and plays the PS.
Maybe it won’t work in enumerators and I just don’t know or I am missing some functionality somewhere?
Thanks for the help!

Resolved - make sure you dont have parent objects that you are disabling within that enumerator otherwise when you enable it - it will play that PS when its enabled which is why i got what i got - makes sense - yeesh cant believe i missed that.