Particle System is behind Background Image (2D)

I can’t seem to get the particle system to appear in front of an image. See here:

I tried changing the “Order in Layer” which another answer suggested to do but it didn’t work. I tried changing the z-axis of the particle system and background but still nothing changed. For example, I gave the Particle System a z-axis of -10 and the background image of 0 and vice versa.

What am I doing wrong? I don’t understand how this is supposed to work. This doesn’t only apply to the background image. No matter what I put inside the canvas, the particles will appear behind every object in there.

as you are working with canvas, and you have images in it to try to put that work based particles 3d miestras the canvas is in front of the screen.
it is a problem trying to interact with canvas 3d. also that when you create a canvas that takes a much larger than the basic environment of objects which makes them smaller than the canvas.
chances are that coloqueslas particles in an object within the canvas,
not out of it.

forgive my English is not my native language and I am using online translators

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Change Back ground Mask interaction to visible in mask

Try to set Z value of your particle same as your Main Camera Z value. In my case, it was -10. After set the Z value like this, its worked for me.

Go to the Renderer Section in the ParticleSystem you created.
And change the Sorting Layer ID and Order in Layer