Particle System losing texture?

I have a particle system emitting a particle, however after X amount of time, the texture on the particles disappears, but the particles are still in the scene and continuing to live until their life time. It’s only after maybe 2 seconds that the texture disappears and the particle disappears.

In this video (In Shaded wireframe mode) it shows the particle moving across the screen, and then losing the texture, but you can still see the mesh of the particle continuing on:

Here is a picture of the particle settings: ![88465-particle-settings.png|251x886](upload://sxM2rbqEtTaDaxr2PIydOkm1HDl.png)
  1. The video is very short and wireframe after texture hide, not visible proper so can you provide another video?
  2. As you are using SpriteSheet for particle Texture, I suggest please take look a sheet Once may be at end. may there are few empty (only alpha channel) which also may cause the issue.