Particle system multiplayer

Hi evereone. Maybe anybody can help how to sync particle system in multiplayer? For example i host a game, and i have a spaceship that turns on particle system behind it by pressing key, so i can see mine particles but cant see connected client particles, and vice versa.

As Owen said the first part is syncing the start (like you would anything else non automatic, with some kind of remote call).

If you want them to look the same set the seed on the partical system to the same value on all players: ParticleSystem.randomSeed

The PRNG (pseudo random number generator) will generate the same numbers if you seed them the same. When you let a particle system start up without a seed it picks a random one.

I’m not 100% on how the particle systems work (so may be some other entropy at work), but it’s worth a try. I’ve done this before for generating repeatable “random” stacks of cards where I have to reproduce the stack (so I just store the seed value).