Particle system not scaling in canvas with screen dimension change


I have a canvas with a bunch of UI objects on it. They all work and they adjust and scale appropriately when I change the screen dimensions. I also have a particle system on a canvas. It is in the UI layer. In my main screen resolution it works great. When I change to iPhone size the particle system adjusts its position, but not to the right spot regardless of where I put the anchors and its scale does not change with the rest. I’ve tried playing with the scaling mode in the particle system, and I’ve scoured the internet and tried everything I can think to, but to no avail. Any thoughts?

Thank you for any help.


As far as I know… The particle system gameobject scales, The problem is that the particles spawned still have the same size, so are not scaled.

Must be changed by code.

You cna do something like:

Particle size = 2*PArticleSystem.transform.localscale.x

So it will scale automatic with all scales.