Particle System Particles Not Following Rotation

Using version 5.2.3f… I have a HeadLookController script that finds a Vector3 to rotate my models head bone to look at. I have a Particle System on a child GameObject of the head bone. The Particle System is set to emit in World Space. However, during runtime, as the head rotates, the child GameObject rotates with it, but the particles that are emitted don’t emit from the new rotated forward Vector.
This is the ParticleSystem the way I set it up.

And this is during runtime, when the character’s head looks up, you can see that the GameObject with the ParticleSystem rotated to look up as well, but the particles are still firing from their original position.

Anyone have any idea if I’m missing something here? Or does Unity’s ParticleSystem not support matching the ParticleSystem’s GameObject’s rotation?

Have you bones on your character? Particle Systems are bugged when parented to bones. I had a bug when parenting a particle system to a hand and it would follow movement perfectly but when rotating the character, it was lagging behind. 5.3 fixed it, but now we appearently have this bug.

Try adding a child object to an emoty gameobject, make the particle system a child of that. Rotate it at runtime and it should work now.

You could do a workaround for your case: Make the particle system not a parent of the character but add a script to it that constantly updates it’s position and rotation to be the same of the character’s head.

Hope this is a tolerable solution for you until this is fixed.