Particle system playing for 10 seconds then stopping then playing again for 10 seconds

Hello everyone. I have a project that i am working on and i have a delayed particle effect that starts bursting flames 5 seconds after you hit play. I want it to be active and burst flames for 10 seconds, then stop, wait for 10 seconds and then start again. I’ve been looking all over for a question like this but i didnt find anything so i am looking for help from you guys. Thanks in advance

You should set 20 second duration, enable looping, 5 second delay. Then in the emission module use curve instead of single constant value for rate over time, the curve should have 2 constant-type keys, value one at time zero, and value zero at time 0.5 with proper curve multiplier. Burst-type emission isn’t quite useful in this case as you want constant emission for your flame fx.