Particle System Pulsating

I recently made a waterfall (working from the template particle system + script from unity under ‘standard assets’). I’ve adapted plenty of waterfalls using this basic template, but recently, one of my waterfalls began to pulsate - it ‘turns on and off’ for one second bursts. I’ve check my component scripts, and can’t find anything wrong that would cause this, but maybe I’m just overlooking something simple. Can anyone shed some light on what might cause this effect?

Probably a combination of the following params:

  • spawn rate
  • max particles
  • particle energy

Example: if you spawn 100 particles per second, with an energy of 3 seconds, you’ll get 300 particles spawned before any of them start to disappear. If you have the max particles set to 200, it will reach that limit after 2 seconds and stop spawning particles for one second, until some start dying off. Then it’ll keep going in waves as you describe.

Either crank up the max particles, or reduce one or both of the other params, and see if that solves it…