Particle System(Shuriken) optimization problem

Hi all,

I am creating complex effects using Particle System. They look great but that comes with a price, FPS rate can be as low as 6fps on PC. So I have been trying to optimize my effects and I tried bunch of different methods. I tried lowering particle size, number, emission rate without losing too much quality but no luck. I also created textures containing multiple particle image instead of using texture with one particle image(in order to render less particles but make it look like there more) but that didn’t help too much either. I would really appreciate if someone can point out a solution that I am missing, or give any suggestions. Thanks

-Edit- I didn’t read his other comment, he seems to have already figured it out before I posted this.

Have you tried a combination of object pooling and a texture atlas? I am still relatively new to the concepts myself and have been unsuccessful with object pooling simply because I did not understand the code at the time. (I bought pool master) I know I’ve seen assets that allow for particle effects to be put into an atlas (a collection of images (can include text fonts as well) that can be called for each one, putting every call to 1 draw call) and then maybe creating a pool of objects for as many particles that can be on the screen at one time. I don’t know if the 2 will work togethor but its worth a shot.