particle system stops normal emissions after .emit() is called

i have a particle system with an emission rate set to 3, its works up until i call its emit function with 25 particles. then it just stops, and nothing will turn its normal 3 emission back on except restarting the scene.

if you would like to see the code its here:

function Attacked(att:Attack)
	if(att.type == "Kick" || att.type == "Blunt")
		health -= 10;
		fireLight.range -= 1.5;
		fireLight.intensity -= .35;
		fire.emissionRate -= 6;//differant ParticleSystem
	sparks.Emit(25); // this is the ParticleSystem in question

nothing special just an emit at that line

does anyone know whats going on?

In my case, calling Play right after Emit solved the problem, by forcing the system to not pause. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry for answering this question after all this time, but I stumbled here after also having faced this problem.

As in your case, my ParticleSystem stopped its “normal” emission after having Emit(10) called to do a “burst” effect of 10 particles. The emissionRate property had the original value (from before Emit(10)) the whole time. After 1 second passed (the duration of the ParticleSystem), isPlaying started returning false because the system somehow paused after having Emit called, even if it was playing normally before. Calling Play seems to fix this.