Particle system support

A lot of features in the particle system are not supported in both Polyspatial and FullyImmersive Mode. For example: Shape Type: Sprite and Box and etc just not being rendered.

Is there any plan to include more particle system features or if there is any documents to see what’s currently available and not?


There’s a list in the general “Supported Features” section of the manual (under the heading Particle Systems). To a large extent, the current particle system support is limited by the features of the corresponding ParticleEmitterComponent in RealityKit.

However, we are currently working on a couple of different alternate approaches for transferring particle systems and expect to release an early version of at least one of them shortly.

Oh cool thanks for the reply.
I do notice that the shape box is supported in ParticleEmitterComponent in RK. Does it mean that I can expect to have it in the next version of release?

Do you mean for an emitter shape? That should be supported already, AFAIK. That doesn’t mean that each particle will be a box, though; it means that the particles originate from a box-shaped region. I believe that the particles in ParticleEmitterComponent are always quads.

yes, that’s what I mean, emitter shape is a box. It’s not working though when I test it. Or if this particle is using any other non supported feature, then the whole particle won’t be even renderer at all?

Box emitters should work. If you find that they don’t, I would suggest submitting a bug report with a repro case.