Particle System 'world' simulated: problem with velocity

I have a boat translated downwards at a certain speed so that the generated obstacles start passing by faster as time goes by.

Now I want to create some water foam behind the boat and I want it world simulated. The problem is that the particles are shooting away from the back of the boat due to its speed.

I know that I can reduce the speed of boat translation and instead add opposite translation to the parent of obstacles … but this to me seems like ‘cheating’ in the game environment. Would anyone of you suggest me a better solution to create a proper particle system world simulated and which looks close to real by not emulating fast shooting particles from the back of the boat?

I think this is exactly what “Inherit Velocity” is for. Say, at 0.8 water will “fall away” at 20% of the boat’s speed.

Think I’ve only used it when the gameObject with the particleSystem also had the rigidbody, but should work as a child.