Particle System

Dear Sirs and Madams!

When I try to customize the particle system with my own sprite sheets the image and alpha modes available to me are additive, alpha blend, multiply …
Which is not the look which I am looking for.
Is there a mode which works similar to the normal mode in Photoshop (A stencil of the image made by the alpha)
To use the alpha in the png

Thank you for your time!
// Arvid Wahlborg

If you mean with alpha modes the different build-in particle shader, then no not that i’m aware.
But that shouldn’t stop you to build your own shader for the particle.
For the screen mode i found this formula
Blend Mode:


A inverted multiplied by B inverted, and the product is inverted

You can download the build in shader and change them for your needs.
Download Archive (select build in shaders for your version)