Particle system's material swap support

This seems to work when using Replicate Properties mode but not Bake To Mesh. Is this a bug or is it just not supported for that mode?

Sounds like a bug to me! I can look into it. Thanks for reporting.


Hey again! I was unable to replicate unfortunately. Swapping the material at runtime worked for me. Would you be able to report a bug with a repro project? Thanks!

Awesome, thank you! I’ll continue to investigate.

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Sorry I accidentally deleted my reply. Here’s what I think I wrote originally.

Thanks for looking into this. I created a bug report. Its incident number is IN-74726. I was able to repro the bug in editor, simulator, and device. Did you try to repro using the material swap set? If not, maybe that’s why you were not able to repro it.

As a workaround, copying the properties and shader of one material to another seems to work. I’ve only tried that in a test project though.

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