Particle systems playing before calling them

Hey guys, I rarely ever use particles so bare with me

So lets get right down to the problem;

In the given scripts I am attempting to instantiate a bomb and then play a particle system & audio source to replicate and explosion. The instantiate script has a “build mode” which shows a preview of the item and you can drag it around etc and press (M1) to place it. My problem is, even without playing the particle, it plays by itself and loops. I have it set to so “Play On Awake” & “Looping” is off, so this shouldn’t even be happening. On top of that, the particle effect looks much different to how it does in the Scene view, in scene view it looks like a proper explosion with smoke etc. in game it is a white ball with red inside.

PlayerController - (Lines 99-208) - Instantiate script (note- focus on lines 149-155, that is where the main function is)

Bomb - - Bomb script

Thanks in advance - Buby
Note - I put scripts in paste bin because it was too much of a clutter in text.

Found the problem, thanks to @ifurkend & @hexagnius. well atleast a fix, I was messing around with the particles and realised that as soon as i put the particle as a child of the bomb, it does not render properly, so now i am just instantiating it.