Particle Texture Sheet Animation Module reference to Sprite Packer Atlas

Is there an easy way to connect the dots between the Texture Sheet Animation Module component of a Particle System, and an Atlas generated by Sprite Packer?

The missing link is how to create the material for the Particle System Renderer Module that references the Sprite Packer Atlas. Since I think the latter is a cached asset, I don’t think it’s possible to assign in the inspector.

If this were possible, it would be super easy to create randomizing particle effects from any sprites/textures already in your game without creating/saving/storing a 3rd asset to bridge the gap.

Well we have support for Sprites in the Texture Sheet module in Unity 2017.1 but for now you could use Unity - Scripting API: Sprites.SpriteUtility.GetSpriteTexture.

Thanks. Good to know the missing link won’t be missing for long.