Particle trail... going ahead of my projectile!?

I have a bullet prefab, composed of a model, RigidBody, and box collider. Everything works great. I added a Ellipsoid Particle Emitter, Particle Renderer, and a Particle Animator. I am using default settings except to increase the size so it is visible (simulate in worldspace enabled, no velocities).

Result: Most particles end up being AHEAD of my projectile!

They appear to be spawning on the projectile, and then out running it! It’s almost as if the particles are being pushed by the physics!?


Solution: make a single centralized particle system via Hierarchy, Create, Particle System. When you want particles, in Script, move the particle system’s transform to where you wish to emit particles and call the Emit() function.

    GameObject bulletParticles = GameObject.Find("bulletParticles");
    bulletParticles.transform.position = this.transform.position;

I knew this should be more efficient, but at the time of the post, I was just trying to get the desired look. Since I was stuck, I went the more efficient route, and voila, fixed this problem too.