Particle trigger with OnTriggerEnter

I am trying to make a script in which the player enters a trigger cube that triggers the “Fireworks” Standard Asset particle effect in Unity.

One big issue I am having is that the particles are constantly playing from the time I hit play, not when I enter my trigger cube.

The trigger cube is on top of the little dynamite plunger. Both the Player and the trigger cube have RigidBodies, and the trigger cube is marked as “Is Trigger”

Any help would be really appreciated!

alt text

Here is my script so far (in Javascript) :

var particles : ParticleEmitter;

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider){
        particles.emit = true;		
    } else{
        particles.emit = false;

If you add a Debug.Log, I bet you’ll see that the collision is indeed registered. However, your particle emitter might have a playOnAwake to true.