Particle velocity in Unity 3.5

Hi All,

I seems that I can’t find a wat to control the particle’s velocity in the new Unity 3.5 particle system.

I edit the start speed property to linear curve starting from zero up to 5 but my particles don’t move!!! It just stays in place!! How come? and How I give the particle specific speed in each of the x,y,z axis both local and world like in the old particle system?

please help me cause I can’t find a way…

Thank u in advance

I think you want to be using “Velocity over Lifetime” instead of “Start Speed”. Try setting the start speed to 0, and check “Velocity over Lifetime”, which has separate X,Y,Z values for you to choose. Plus, Velocity over Lifetime support curves, whereas Start Speed only uses the value at the left side of the curve.

I don’t know about how to specify both World and Local velocities for a particle system, but note that all of the old particle system stuff still exists and is fully working in Unity 3.5, so if you want to, you can use the old particle system instead of the new one for some effects.