particleEmitter.Simulate() doesn't seem to work.

I've got a particle system that seems to work great. But I want to warm up the particles a bit before I show them.

So, I attached this script to my particle system object.

var warmupTime:float = 10;

function Start() {


Now when I run this, the first 2 lines of debug info looks correct, giving me a `UnityEngine.ParticleEmitter` and the name of my particle game object. But the particle count reports `0`.

And I just noticed that if I set the `warmupTime` to less than the energy value some particles show up but have motion in random directions. These expire and then still ones eventually take their place.

It seems particles "Simulating" animate by different rules than naturally just animating on each frame.

Any tips about what I'm doing wrong here?

Simulate apparently doesn't really work with larger values. Try:

for (i = 0; i < warmupTime; i++) {