Particles Collision No Physics

I’d like to create an effect of some kind of beam weapon that fires through enemies. I have to know when the particle system hits enemies, and so I’ve turned on the collider. This seems to be working, but the beam stops when it hits the enemy with which it’s colliding. This seems like a reasonable default, but I’d like it to be able to pass through.

I understand that this is done with colliders generally through trigger colliders. Unfortunately, it appears that in order to use trigger colliders on particle systems, you need to know the colliders in question ahead of time?

If someone knows how to get around this I’d be oh so very grateful.

Relevant Docs Unity - Manual: Triggers module

Looks like what I needed to do was create and animate/update a collider to co-inside with the sprite animation. Not the nicest interface, but hey that’s what I’m going with.