Particles emitted from texture not appearing in game build.

So one of the cooler features of Unity 2018 in my mind is the ability to have particle systems that emit from a texture rather simply a mesh. I immediately put this feature to use in my current game in the form of spawning effects when selecting a school of magic from my magic menu. In the editor it works great, fire magic has a nice fire particle effect that forms on the word destruction and similar effects exist for the other schools. When I build the game, however, these particle effects never appear. Has anyone else had this issue or knows a workaround? The only thing I can think of that might be causing the failure is that these systems have an extremely high emission rate, around 250k, but in reality only a couple hundred particles are ever actually emitted since they only spawn around the words in the texture. Any thoughts?

.,You need to make sure read/write is enabled on the texture import settings. We have improved it in the future so it warms you about this.