Particles emitting non-random

Hi there!

I am trying to find a way to emit particles in a non-random direction around and away the object.

Using the Cone shape, with an angle of 90, the particles fly away from the object, which is good. However, the particles are emitted at a random point, as seen below.


I would like the particles to emit at certain angles. One particle north, one particle north-east, one particle east, et cetera.

I created my own octogonal mesh, hoping that it would emit at all the corners, but the emission is still random.


Is this possible to do, and if yes, how?

Also, while at it: Is it possible to get the parent from a sub-emitter particle? Every particle emits a small trail, but I can’t seem to get a list from the sub-particles, only a list of all sub-emitter particles.

I want to color the sub-particles based on the color of the parent. Is this possible?

For anyone who stumbled upon the same problem: I have fixed it.

Instead of using a shape, I emit every single particle manually.
The code is as follows:
particleSystem.Emit(target.position, (Vector3.forward * speed), particleSize, lifetime, Color.white);

Then copy this line and edit the Vector3 to a different direction, such as Vector3.left.