Particles wont rotate with system or parent

I have a particle system with particles that are created via script:

void PopulateStarsSeed()
    Debug.Log("star seed");

    ParticleSystem.Particle[] points = new ParticleSystem.Particle[maxParticals];

    for (int i = 0; i < maxParticals; i++)
        points_.position = UnityEngine.Random.insideUnitSphere * maxStarDistance;_

points*.startSize = UnityEngine.Random.Range(minStarSize, maxStarSize);*
points*.startColor = Color.white;*
points*.axisOfRotation = starContainer.transform.position;*
points*.startLifetime = Mathf.Infinity;*
points*.remainingLifetime = Mathf.Infinity;*
particals.SetParticles(points, points.Length);
These show up fine in game but they will not rotate with the game object or parent, The system is set to Local Space and the renderer:

Spawning a default system and rotating it works fine, Just cannot get this system to work.

Depending on which version of Unity you are working on, but I guess axisOfRotation is already obsolete and you can instead use “rotation”.