ParticleSystem at Photon Not working!

I cant see the particles in (editor and the builded 2nd player) any advice?

public ParticleSystem flameMode;

        public void ForPhotonFireModeOnline()
        GetComponent<PhotonView>().RPC("FireModeOnline", PhotonTargets.All);

public void FireModeOnline()

GetComponent<AudioSource> ().PlayOneShot (flameModeON); // Sound is Working.
GetComponent<ParticleSystem>().Play(flameMode); //Not Working.
flameMode.Play (); //Not Working.

Okay, no one will set correct answer so :slight_smile: it’s for PUN Classic(PUN 1)
It will work in this case, just reproduce my steps.

  1. your particle effect must be in the ‘Resource’ folder.

  2. Open your prefab, add ‘Photon Transform View’ and check ‘Synchronize Position’ and ‘Synchronize Rotation

  3. To the Photon View add ‘Photon Transform View’ as an Observed Component.

  4. In your script just use:

    GameObject effectDefGo = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate(, hit.point, Quaternion.LookRotation(hit.normal),0);

Hope it will helps someone :slight_smile:

I think using ParticleSystem.enableEmission would be a better option… I think you are making a shooting game… In that case

   GetComponent<ParticleSystem> ().enableEmission =true;

would work for sure… My script is:

	public void Flash (bool flash){
                        //if the player is shooting, play the sound and particle system
			GetComponent<ParticleSystem> ().enableEmission = true;
                         //if the player is not shooting, stop the sound and particle system
			GetComponent<ParticleSystem> ().enableEmission = false;

Simple… but it should work