ParticleSystem behaving differently on iOS

Hey all,

I have an animated character with particle systems attached to some of the bones (as child objects of the bone transforms). The particles then get triggered with a .Play() later on by some scripts. The play call is fine, goes off without a hitch, however the first issue, is that the first time the particles play they are in their initial position from the editor (not the new position of their parent bone) but then without any movement code, they move themselves to the bone…however from then on, they emit from a slightly offset position to where they were placed in the bone.

Thinking it might be the animation, I stuck a debug sphere object in the same location as the particles systems, and as children of the same bone. The spheres move fine. I also tried to force the particle systems local position to the correct point before .Play() this made no change whatsoever. The Particles are not set to play on awake, and are not set to pre-warm, so I can’t imagine why the first round of particles would be in the wrong location.

And the biggest pain in the ass here, is that this behaviour only occurs when deployed to iOS devices. doesn’t happen on pc or mac, just on iOS.

any thoughts?

I’ve got the same problem, but here the error also occurs in the Editor when the build target is set to iOS.

Any solution to this one?

Particles seem to be emitted at the “old” position of the game object for one frame before being located to the correct position.