ParticleSystem icon appearing on screen

I’ve been having some issues when playing a particlesystem when my gameobjects dies. This is the code that I run when my gameobject dies:

public IEnumerator destroyStuff(){
	myExplosion = (ParticleSystem) GameObject.Instantiate((Object)explosion);
	myExplosion.transform.position   = transform.position;
	Destroy (gameObject);
	Destroy (redPartHealthBar);
	Destroy (greenPartHealthBar);
	Destroy (blackPartHealthBar);
	Destroy (triggerArea);
	yield return new WaitForSeconds(myExplosion.duration);
	Destroy (myExplosion.particleSystem);


This is what comes up after the particles are done playing and they are destroyed : Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The wait duration was to try and destroy the particle system as fast as I can after it’s done playing, so this things I circled in the image above don’t pop up.

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Can you just destroy the myExplosion instead of particleSystem ?

particleSystem is a component and destroying a component isn’t the same thing as far as I know.

Destroy (myExplosion);