ParticleSystem interpolates position when moved and off

I want to start a particlesystem, move it as it runs, turn it off, move it more, then repeat. However, when I turn it off, move it, and turn it back on, it draws particles along a line between the current point and its last position.


//frames pass

pSystem.transform.position += new Vector3(0, 10, 0);

On the next frame, the particles appear from the old position to the new one. Is there a setting to disable this?

I worked around this by using the ParticleSystem.enableEmission property. So after calling Play, I disable emissions:

			pSystem.Play ();
			pSystem.enableEmission = false;

On the next frame, I re-enable emissions. That way the ParticleSystem position interpolation logic runs while emissions is disabled. Thus, no particles appear.