ParticleSystem loop

thrustsParticles .loop = true;
gives the error:
warning CS0618: UnityEngine.ParticleSystem.loop' is obsolete: loop property is deprecated. Use main.loop instead.’
So I change it to: thrustsParticles *.main.loop = true;*
and now I get the error: error CS1612: Cannot modify a value type return value of `UnityEngine.ParticleSystem.main’. Consider storing the value in a temporary variable
How can I store the Boolean ‘true’ in a temporary variable?

ParticleSystem.MainModule main = GetComponent().main;
main.loop = true;

This way, you store the main module in a variable.

EDIT: In your case:

ParticleSystem.MainModule = thrustsParticles *.main;*

main.loop = true;

Thanks I understand now.